Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Go Green with Soybean Wax Candles from MSC!

Natural soybean wax candles can create a very relaxing environment to anyone. Also commonly known as natural candles, there are many advantages over the very common petroleum based paraffin wax candles found in stores and online. Many people are choosing soy candles mainly for the fact that they are all natural, which means that these candles are made only from natural ingredients. Soybean Candles are loaded with many benefits and are better choice than those candles which are made from paraffin wax.
The main component of Soybean Wax is... you guessed it: Soybeans! They are processed and mixed with other botanical, all natural oils to create a great wax for candles. Due to the fact that it is made from natural substances, these candles are non toxic and fully biodegradable. This means that soy candles are very friendly and produces no harm to the environment. Not only does it promote a cleaner environment, it also helps lessen air pollution since it produces very little if any harmful soot that other candles will emit. Moonbeam Soy Candles uses only Hemp Wicks in their wicked products. Hemp is a strong natural fiber which makes for rigid wicks that will stand up and burn longer! These wicks contain absolutely no lead, are not chemically treated, and are braided with U.S. unbleached cotton.
Many people ask what really makes soy candles different from other candles available on the market. There are many reasons why soy candles are favored over paraffin, palm and beeswax candles. The primary reason is that these soy candles are made from natural substances only which make it good for the environment. Soy candles have a burn rate that is longer than other candles and you will generally get 30-50% more burning hours out of each candle. This is a great way to expand you investment and you have a longer lasting candle. Moonbeam Soy Candles scent the entire candle from top to bottom. A lot of retailers only scent the top portion of the candle to save on expenses, whish fools the buyer because they pick the candle up and smell it and it smells really good. Come to find out after burning it for a while, the candle won’t throw any scent! Talk about throwing your money out the window. With the use of Hemp wicks, and keeping them trimmed to ¼”, there is virtually no soot produced. If the wick gets too long, it is will begin to produce soot, which is not very elegant. Please read our other article for more information on Proper Burning of Soy Candles. This will give you more important information and will give you the best experience with our candles.
Using candles made from natural soybean wax greatly reduces the dependency on fossil fuels since they are made from a renewable source. Unlike other candles, soybean wax candles are very easy to clean up since they are water soluble. If you get a spill, there are a few ways to clean up. If it is on a hard, non-porous surface, then simply let the wax cool and it should pop right off with a nudge. If it is on a fabric or soft surface, let the wax cool and get a rag cloth wet with hot soapy water and scrub it off. It will also come off in the washing machine with no harm to other clothing.
Soy candles also make great gifts for anyone. They are relatively inexpensive and most of the time available in Gift Packs or Bundle Packs for even more savings. Moonbeam Soy Candles has over 600 fragrances in many different fragrance collections that is sure to please everyone! If you are looking for a greener choice when it comes to candles, then soybean candles are the best choice! Soybean wax candles are a good way of showing your support to the environment because it is made from a renewable resource, supporting the American Farming Industry, has a smooth and creamy appearance and comes in a wide variety of fragrances. Reduce your carbon footprint and have a long lasting product that anyone can enjoy.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Soy Wax Found To Be A Clean Alternative

From the BBC:

Candle-lit dinners may be romantic, but researchers are warning they could be harmful to health.

South Carolina State University experts analysed the fumes released by burning candles in lab tests.

They found paraffin wax candles gave off harmful fumes linked to lung cancer and asthma - but admitted it would take many years' use to risk health.

UK experts said smoking, obesity and alcohol were much more important in terms of cancer development.

And even the researchers admitted occasional candle use was not something people should worry about too much.

Lead researcher Amid Hamidi said people who frequently used candles, for instance to help them relax in the bath or provide the right ambience for dinner, were most at risk.

He told the American Chemical Society in Washington: "An occasional paraffin candle and its emissions will not likely affect you.

"But lighting many paraffin candles every day for years or lighting them frequently in an un-ventilated bathroom around a tub, for example, may cause problems."

To investigate candle emissions, the researchers burned a range of candles in the laboratory and collected the mixture of substances they gave off.

Paraffin-based candles produced "clear sharp peaks" for many chemicals, mainly because burning candles does not produce high enough temperatures to combust hazardous molecules such as toluene and benzene.

The scientists suggested switching to candles made from beeswax or soy, which did not release significant levels of the chemicals.


But Dr Joanna Owens, from Cancer Research UK, said: "There is no direct evidence that everyday use of candles can affect our risk of developing cancer.

"In terms of cancer, a far more significant type of indoor air pollution is second-hand cigarette smoke.

"When talking about cancer risk, it's important to focus on things we have hard evidence for.

"Lifestyle factors such as smoking, alcohol, obesity, unhealthy diets, inactivity and heavy sun exposure account for a much larger proportion of cancers."

Dr Noemi Eiser, medical director at the British Lung Foundation, added: "We would like to reassure people that occasional use of paraffin candles should not pose any risk to their lung health."

But she added people should still take "sensible precautions" such as ventilating rooms when burning candles.

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Healthy Living with Soybean Candles

Adapted from:

Project Director Performing Organization
R. Massoudi
N. Ngninzeko

Engineering Technologies
South Carolina State University
Orangeburg, SC 29117

Non-Technical Summary

Several studies of candles indicated that paraffin wax candle burning could cause severe health problems from the harmful burning emissions. This project is going to study and address the health problems associated with the use of petroleum based candles and the possible use of its replacement by soybean candles that is claimed to have no harmful emissions.


The goal of this proposal is to address the realization of health and well being of our citizens by considerably reducing the possible environmental pollutants caused by candles made from petroleum-base. Studies related to the harmful chemicals of paraffin candles and the lack of comparable pollutants in soybean candles are of utmost interest. The second objective is to address the economical feasibility of replacing a renewable source like soybean for petroleum source, which is not renewable and depletes and depends on foreign import. Beyond that, using soybean would bring a healthy economy to our farmers by producing more and better products. Certainly this study would provide great deal of information concerning health issues relating to inhaling emissions from candles.


Whereas soybeans are mass produced in the world and many consumer items such as printing ink, body and skin care products, hair care products, cleaning products, candles, etc., has resulted because of soybeans research. One of the primary advantages of candles made from soy wax is that the soot emitted is considerably less compared to those made from paraffin wax. The soot from paraffin candles may cause damage to your walls, ceilings, vents, curtains or blinds, and even carpets and other areas of your home. Since soybeans are a renewable and biodegradable resource, it is a prime source for candle wax. Because of the abundance of this agricultural product, new uses of it are being researched. Careful studies indicate that candle burning could cause severe health problems under the normal burning conditions just because of harmful emissions. This project is going to study and address the health problems associated with the use of petroleum based candles and study the possible use and replacement of soybean candles that is claimed to have no harmful emissions. Apparently, this research is necessitated because of the health problems related to the use of petroleum based products. By replacing paraffin wax with soy wax in candles, an estimated 60 million pounds of soybeans would be required for annual candle production. This requirement will have a direct economic impact on soybean farmers as well as a health and environmental impact in this country. The burning of soy candles in homes and cars address the real issue at hand, which is the health of American and global consumers. The burning of paraffin candle gives off more toxic fumes than soy candles which may be harmful to individuals.

Knowledge Area (KA) Subject (S) Science (F) Objective (G) Percent
511 1820 2000 2.1 100%

KA511 New and Improved Non-Food Products and Processes
S1820 Soybean
F2000 Chemistry
G2.1 Expand Domestic Market Opportunities


paraffin wax; paraffin candles; soybeans; soybean candles; contact dermatitis; environmental pollutants; petroleum base products; burn test; patch test; candle standard; smoke emissions; optimize candle formulations; densitometer


Jan 1, 2008 TO Dec 31, 2008
OUTPUTS: During this period, we have tested two categories of candles candle to determine whether any type produce unwanted hazardous products for human health during burning. This is an important goal for the objectives of this project which determines the safety of various candles for the consumers. For this purpose we have made a special chamber that was used to burn candles, the burning products were passed through an ampoule of coconut charcoal at a rate of 0.2 liters per minute to trap all organic substances. The adsorbed materials were dissolved in 2 milliliters of carbon-disulfide and 2 micro liters of this solution was injected in GC/MS column to be analyzed. The capillary column used for this purpose was from J&W with specification of "stationary phase: DB-5HT; 15m x 0.250 mm x 0.10 mm; -60 degrees Celcius to 400 degrees celcius." the column temperature was programmed to run from 50 degrees celcius to 300 degrees celcius with a rate of 10 degrees celcius per minute for a total run time of 47 minutes. Before running the real samples, the system was tested for the solvent, CS2, to be sure if it was pure and did not produce peaks to be confused with those that formed from the burning of candles. The resultant chromatograms were analyzed using a NIST library to determine all possible peaks for specified sample. PARTICIPANTS: Ruhullah Massoudi, Principal Investigator and Amid Hamidi an undergraduate chemistry student worked on the project. The PI has been on continuous contact with George Papas of Lumi-Lite Co., inc., and Robert Moss of S.E.A. TARGET AUDIENCES: The target audience for this project could be the entire population of the world. PROJECT MODIFICATIONS: Nothing significant to report during this reporting period.


2008-01-01 TO 2008-12-31 The direct impact of this project is to eliminate any health hazard substances that might affect human health causing ill health or possibly sometimes death due to complications that would result from inhalation of hazardous materials. Knowledge of the possible vaporized substance from specified candles would allow us to choose those candles that would not produce unwanted materials that can cause either material or health hazard to human beings. Economically, regular candles produce carbon which is ruining the furniture, walls, cloths, which is expensive to clean and remove it. Therefore the overall impact of this project will be beneficial for entire population of the world, nations and governments to have healthy and productive generations.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Mood Setting with Candles

Everyone loves the inviting smell of a house lit by candles. You can find candles that have smells ranging from very light floral scents to fruity fusions and imitations of well-loved baked goods. With candles, you can create any kind of atmosphere you want. Certain candle smells have been known to evoke certain responses in people, affect moods, or help with stress, exhaustion, fatigue, or emotional balance. Aromatherapy with candles can be effective with medical ailments as well, especially with nausea, depression, and anxiety.

Candles can also be used for the sole purpose of enjoying them in your home and taking in the deliciousness as they burn and fill your house with great-smelling and enticing scents. With so many extensive candle collections available, you will certainly find a candle that works for your every mood. You will find candle products that advertise their own benefits and unique qualities. Why not try the different types of candles you find? They may just have a quality that you didn’t know existed.

There are candle collections that are made primarily of soy wax, creating a naturally light-smelling candle, designed to gently freshen up your house. Soy candles typically have a burning duration of 80 to 100 hours per jar.

Candles are known for their ability to enhance moods and to create positive thinking and concentration. A top-quality candle should have a 30-hour burning time on average and is not overly potent. Their seemingly mysterious abilities will have you feeling better before you know it. Flora Gardenia scented candles are good to use as a calming effect when you are feeling sad or overwhelmed. The Grapefruit scented candle is good when you are feeling tired, stressed, or depressed. Its calming effects will help to balance out the emotions, giving you an all-around feeling of peace. The ever-popular Lavender scented candle is good for balancing the effects of insomnia, stress, hysteria, nerves, and irritability. Lemongrass and Ginger is a good idea when you are feeling fatigued or nervous and need to concentrate. It is also effective as an aphrodisiac. The Blue Suffuse scented candle has a fresh sea smell, which is good for thinking positively and quelling any fears you might have. And lastly, a Cloves and Cinnamon candle is great to use in the fall and winter, with its relaxing scent that makes your home inviting and reminds us all of the holiday seasons we all love.

Whatever your needs, it won’t be difficult to find a candle to create the relaxing home environment you want. So get yourself some new scents today.